Your Baby & Diaper Rash

Soft and delicate, your baby’s supple skin is designed to play a highly important role—it allows your baby to experience the joy of a parent’s hug, as well as the protection from less desirable outside elements (like the contents of dirty diapers!).

Every diaper rash treatment product instructs you to cleanse your baby before application. We created Triple Wash as the product for this important step in treating and preventing diaper rash.

Triple Wash was developed to help you and your baby make the best of your baby’s natural protection. Triple Wash is formulated to be added to the bath to allow you to quickly and completely remove irritants that contribute to diaper rash, while at the same time nurturing your baby’s skin. Our intention is to enhance the healing of diaper rash and to maintain healthy skin through its prevention.

Learn more about the signs and symptoms of diaper rash, as well as how Triple Wash gentle bath cleanser, along with preventative steps, can initiate the healing process to lovingly restore your child’s skin to its original glowing luster and provide continued relief.